Praying I can come back…

17 01 2018

Every day I get older and adulting is such a pain, but I need to do what I need to do.


Believe or not, I am still actively translating stuff, but I just can’t find the time to clean and typeset.

Real life is sucking me back at the turn of every corner.

If anybody knows of a group that needs a translator, let me know, please!

I am not giving up!

4 02 2013

Hello everybody!

Is there anybody out there still visiting this blog???

If that is a yes, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


I have not forgotten this desire of fanscalating, believe or not, I enjoy doing this. It is like a bizarre masochist way of torturing myself.. lol

My current schedule is work 8 hours, read until falling asleep or write and then sleep for around 4 or so hours. Basically, I am sacrificing my soul to the gods of my thesis. Yes, I am still stuck doing my graduate thesis.


I had to sacrifice almost two years due to financial issues. Sola was done during that time period I wasn’t really working on my thesis but rather had… umm.. I think 2 to 3 jobs? LoL

Oh well, I am not the prime example of a thesis writing robot.

I’ll be back… there are a few projects in my basket that I myself enjoy and hope everybody else will enjoy when I translate them.

I am still alive

11 08 2012

First, a picture…


First of all, I am quite aware that the links are dead but I one of my HDDs died and I am not sure what I have in the others, as a side note, I have 6TBs in total storage in my PC and 4.5 TB in use. A 1.5TB HDD died.
Basically said, I will be re-uploading everything a I get a chance to do so.
Second, I have been really busy, investing time in improving my life and looking for a better job. Also, I am at the last stretch of my grad school. Finally I can see an end to this too.  And who in their right mind decides to start learning statistics when their focus is in literature? It isn’t impossible but I have to put triple the effort I usually put to understand these numbers.
The only good news I have is that there is still new anime to watch and manga to read out there so the world hasn’t ended yet! Oh, wouldn’t know if this is a good new or not, but been writing for fun in between my thesis writing marathons and have managed to do 10 pages of a story I been incubating in my head.

Anyhow, god please god give me the patience and concentration I need to improve my life so I can enjoy fanscanlating again.

See y’all around. If all goes well, next year is AX, next year I am done with grad school, and next year I finally have a career set on stone.



About DDLs

24 01 2012

Yup, I know, I have read about it and received your messages =D

During weekdays I don’t really have a lot of time as I work full time and work on my thesis, plus, right now I am looking for a place to move to.

As soon as I have some time, also I am allowing some time for this file hosting issue to settle down, I’ll look into a more viable option for the links.

Until then, sorry~

Sadly, due to financial status, I can not afford to host my own files, wish I could win the lottery.

Sola is all done!

15 01 2012

So, as the title says, Sola is completely done!

Just in case I haven’t said this yet, this project was undertaken for one reason, a generous person accepted me into their room during AX-2010 and it was for cheap =D

In that room, somebody talked about this manga and said how the company that licensed this had gone under. So, here I am.

Haven’t uploaded any anime to share… been busy downloading xD Got a new 1.5TB HDD and loving it =D

Though my dream is to have a 1PB HDD someday ❤

Anyhow, here is the download link:



Sola Status update

9 01 2012

Hello everybody, wanted to let you know what was going on as I had been silent for so long.

First of all, I have been doing some overtime at work, they offered it and I need the money. You get the drift, no? =D

Currently, Sola Chapter 8-end is completely cleaned and I am doing the typesetting, the second most tedious job after cleaning.

Believe or not, translating is very easy. Eh? I sound cocky? Maybe… but I been doing interpreting since I was wee small, I think the first time I did it was when I was 8 or so years old. Having parents who can’t speak the language of the country you live at kind of forces you to learn quicker, no?

I am sure some of you know what I am talking about, no?

Anyhow, enough ranting, I am estimating that the whole rest of volume 2 of Sola will be out in the wild by Saturday evening.

Oh, and happy belated year of the dragon!


Guess what?!

12 12 2011



Expect 3 things from me…

Sola Volume 2, working on it as I am typing this.

Code Geachu R2, finally going to finish it!

Tawamurerumono, which I have translated already… somewhere in my HDD, don’t remember where I left it.

Anyhow, hopefully, while I write my thesis, I’ll be able to work a little more regularly on translations ❤