Praying I can come back…

17 01 2018

Every day I get older and adulting is such a pain, but I need to do what I need to do.


Believe or not, I am still actively translating stuff, but I just can’t find the time to clean and typeset.

Real life is sucking me back at the turn of every corner.

If anybody knows of a group that needs a translator, let me know, please!

I am not giving up!

4 02 2013

Hello everybody!

Is there anybody out there still visiting this blog???

If that is a yes, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


I have not forgotten this desire of fanscalating, believe or not, I enjoy doing this. It is like a bizarre masochist way of torturing myself.. lol

My current schedule is work 8 hours, read until falling asleep or write and then sleep for around 4 or so hours. Basically, I am sacrificing my soul to the gods of my thesis. Yes, I am still stuck doing my graduate thesis.


I had to sacrifice almost two years due to financial issues. Sola was done during that time period I wasn’t really working on my thesis but rather had… umm.. I think 2 to 3 jobs? LoL

Oh well, I am not the prime example of a thesis writing robot.

I’ll be back… there are a few projects in my basket that I myself enjoy and hope everybody else will enjoy when I translate them.

I am still alive

11 08 2012

First, a picture…


First of all, I am quite aware that the links are dead but I one of my HDDs died and I am not sure what I have in the others, as a side note, I have 6TBs in total storage in my PC and 4.5 TB in use. A 1.5TB HDD died.
Basically said, I will be re-uploading everything a I get a chance to do so.
Second, I have been really busy, investing time in improving my life and looking for a better job. Also, I am at the last stretch of my grad school. Finally I can see an end to this too.  And who in their right mind decides to start learning statistics when their focus is in literature? It isn’t impossible but I have to put triple the effort I usually put to understand these numbers.
The only good news I have is that there is still new anime to watch and manga to read out there so the world hasn’t ended yet! Oh, wouldn’t know if this is a good new or not, but been writing for fun in between my thesis writing marathons and have managed to do 10 pages of a story I been incubating in my head.

Anyhow, god please god give me the patience and concentration I need to improve my life so I can enjoy fanscanlating again.

See y’all around. If all goes well, next year is AX, next year I am done with grad school, and next year I finally have a career set on stone.



About DDLs

24 01 2012

Yup, I know, I have read about it and received your messages =D

During weekdays I don’t really have a lot of time as I work full time and work on my thesis, plus, right now I am looking for a place to move to.

As soon as I have some time, also I am allowing some time for this file hosting issue to settle down, I’ll look into a more viable option for the links.

Until then, sorry~

Sadly, due to financial status, I can not afford to host my own files, wish I could win the lottery.

Sola is all done!

15 01 2012

So, as the title says, Sola is completely done!

Just in case I haven’t said this yet, this project was undertaken for one reason, a generous person accepted me into their room during AX-2010 and it was for cheap =D

In that room, somebody talked about this manga and said how the company that licensed this had gone under. So, here I am.

Haven’t uploaded any anime to share… been busy downloading xD Got a new 1.5TB HDD and loving it =D

Though my dream is to have a 1PB HDD someday ❤

Anyhow, here is the download link:



Sola Status update

9 01 2012

Hello everybody, wanted to let you know what was going on as I had been silent for so long.

First of all, I have been doing some overtime at work, they offered it and I need the money. You get the drift, no? =D

Currently, Sola Chapter 8-end is completely cleaned and I am doing the typesetting, the second most tedious job after cleaning.

Believe or not, translating is very easy. Eh? I sound cocky? Maybe… but I been doing interpreting since I was wee small, I think the first time I did it was when I was 8 or so years old. Having parents who can’t speak the language of the country you live at kind of forces you to learn quicker, no?

I am sure some of you know what I am talking about, no?

Anyhow, enough ranting, I am estimating that the whole rest of volume 2 of Sola will be out in the wild by Saturday evening.

Oh, and happy belated year of the dragon!


Guess what?!

12 12 2011



Expect 3 things from me…

Sola Volume 2, working on it as I am typing this.

Code Geachu R2, finally going to finish it!

Tawamurerumono, which I have translated already… somewhere in my HDD, don’t remember where I left it.

Anyhow, hopefully, while I write my thesis, I’ll be able to work a little more regularly on translations ❤

My exam

30 11 2011

Tomorrow, in exactly 12 hours from now, my final exam for my graduate school begins. I hardly ever talk about myself here, but needed to vent out somewhere.

My hands are shaking and it is really difficult to type and I pride myself on having a fast typing speed xD

I hope I pass as, if all goes well, I can begin working on my thesis and, once that one is over too, go back full steam to my main hobby which is fanscanlating. Yes, believe or not, for some people like me going through the trouble of doing all this and releasing out in the wild for free is fun =D

Oh gosh, I should be getting ready to sleep but… but… ugh… lets hope everything goes well tomorrow. If it does, expect some nice announcements about Code Geachu R2 and Tawamurerumono (same artist but the target is Utawarerumono this time). I greatly enjoyed both and was hoping somebody would work them… but… that wasn’t the case so, if all goes well… I AM CELEBRATING!


Mitsudomoe season 1

28 11 2011

Yup, as I said before, sharing some anime randomly, usually it will follow a release of a chapter.

This time: Mitsudomoe season 1.

Head on to the Anime I am Enjoying Right Now page for more information.

Sola Chapter 7

28 11 2011

Hello everybody!

Did you know? If you download this chapter from this blog it helps me on making money!

I get money = I buy more manga = more projects to work on

In simpler terms, Filserve gives a VERY small amount of money for every download anybody does through the links I place here.

Please help out! The amount may be insignificant but it is better than having to shoulder the price of buying raws/tanks by myself.

I was originally planning to do this after the final exam for my degree but things happened.

Sighs, so to vent a little I decided to work on this earlier as this helps me to relieve stress =D


Download link: Click here