Tazmo you fool!

19 10 2008

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It is hard to believe that there some people who would try to make money of fanscanlations!

We, fanscanlators, work hard so these releases may be given for free to the anybody who wishes to read them. Trying to make a profit of somebody else’s hard work and especially when that somebody wants the results to be shared for free is WRONG!

If you are paying to download from his sites, you are:

1) Stupid
2) A complete idiot
3) Not able to comprehend what FREE is supposed to mean.

And, if you support Tazmo.. I shall unleash Suzuka on you!!



One response

20 10 2008

I really, /really/ hate Tazmo.

I know very little about him, other than I frequented a place called stoptazmo.com to get various manga – however the fact of the matter is he’s notorious for selling free scanslations.

I despise those people that would rob and deceive my fellow Otaku. 😡

Also, I am blogu-rollin’ you, because… it simply must be done.

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