Today’s update

20 10 2008

I really feel like I should have an update today because I got my hands on a copious amount of Nanoha 4komas but real life and some other family business have kept me busy.

I’ll try to post 1 4koma per week at least, wait.. I have around 200 4komas I could post then 1 per week would equal to 4 per month then to post all of them it would be 200 divided by 4 and that equals to.. erm.. I am lost.

Anyways, I promise that tomorrow there will be a 4koma posted here!

Oh, for those wondering where the heck is this guy keeping the Toradora DDL:

Please look at the right of the main page of my Blog, see a little widget box called Toradora?
The rest is up to you to guess.

PS: I can’t help but think that the only selling point of To Aru Matjutsu no Index is Index. She so cute :X



One response

24 10 2008
Kairu Ishimaru

YES I saw it I saw it!

Index is so cute. x3

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