Toradora episode 04

24 10 2008

First of all, as all of you have noticed, the widget of has Toradora episodes DDL. Please use them but don’t go hotlinking to them.

Cute moment #1

If anybody would like to disagree with me, please bring me sound argument of how Taiga curled up with her frilly pajamas is not cute. And if you were to bring me sound and logical argument I would still deny it because nothing can beat her half asleep cuteness.

Cute moment #2

And the one thing I can’t get tired of looking at is at the beginning of the OP sequence. She puts her feet on the bed, pulls her sock up, she turns her head and gives this intense cold glare. SO CUTE! Half opened eyes in a cold glare! Not many animes charas can look this cute when angry~

Cute Moment #3

This animated GIF is self explanatory, though I did make some mistakes while making it ~_~ I promise to make a better animated GIF next time :X Everytime that Taiga looks confussed and doesn’t know what to do and overreacts! That is another instant WIN cute moment. You might be wondering what is the point of this post at this point, no? Well, it is very elemental my dear reader. I love cute things and that is the main reason I am liking this anime. Of course, if cute comes with a good plot moreso the reason I should watch the anime.

Last comment

What is wrong with this girl? Minori dear, do you know the meaning of self-restrain? A BUCKET? For the love of god.. A WHOLE FREAKING BUCKET?!? Through the years of watching anime I have seen many weird girl characters but one that consumes a whole bucket of pudding without being an alien or posesing some kind of superpower, I am sure Kushieda is the first one.



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