Is this a miracle?! A post about Wagaya no Onari-sama

25 10 2008

How unusual from me to be posting more than once per week but doing these kind of things helps me a lot to relieve my stress. I wonder when education turned into a business and stopped being what I knew as ‘education’?

Anyways, complaining aside, let me start talking about Wagaya no Onari-sama.

This is from episode 9, when Mubyou (still in disguise) tries to convince Kou in helping her by using a little pun. Of course it only work if she is using a 5 yen coin.

It is a Kou win moment, AKA Miko win moment. Pay close attention to her fist on the lower right corner, all you need is a big ‘Gotcha!’ but it is only funny when she does it quietly like that, no?

So, in this anime we got:

A self centered protector Fox spirit (spectre) called Kougen Tenko. I refuse to post a picture of her male version. It just lacks cuteness.

Two little brats that just happen to be the main protagonists. You can tell how much I care about them by the size of the image.

A quasi-dojikko Miko named Kou. Who should be dubbed the main character of this anime because cuteness FTW.

A greedy God of Commerce that only gets a little bit more of my attention due to him being almost as stingy with money as I am. But I can’t remember his name because he plainly isn’t cute enough to make it into my memory.

Basically KOU, the quasi-dojikko Miko, is the protector of the Mizuchi family. One day the two little brats, who just happen to be the sons of the last Miko of the Mizuchi clan, need protection from a spirit that is trying to eat them. So basically, they call upon Kougen Tenko to protect them. Of course, she succeeds else the anime would have ended in episode 1 šŸ˜” and to ensure the future safety of the brats Tenko and Kou have to go with them. The anime explores different things that happen to KOU while she is living with the two brats.

Remember, this was a synopsis from my subjective perspective. And, as I have mentioned before, I like cute over everything else.

If you want the neutral side synopsis please direct yourself to AniDB šŸ™‚

Oh.. the miracle? I posted! I usually only post once a week! xD



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