Thank you 1000 hits!

28 10 2008

Wah wah wah, it has been only 10 days since I moved to WordPress and I have already 1000 hits!

I would like to show my appreciation for those who visit my blog by sharing a little something I been hooked on as of late.

Though it isn’t the best thing out there, I hope you enjoy it and thank you once more for your support!

Here it is!

It is a DDL to Magical Battle Arena image file!

Oh, the download is password protected  the password is:

But you need to remember to download the Patch from the game maker website ( Please use copy and paste, there are various reasons why but I can’t disclose them out in the open.

Anyways! Thank you a lot to everybody for helping me reach the 1000 hits line which I thought I would never reach! And please continue visiting~



One response

29 10 2008

Hey!~ I love the manga Ushio and Tora!! can u continue to sub it? since the youkai fansubs are busy now.. since he has a full time job.. Anyway im new so HI too xD

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