Apology and break

3 11 2008

Hello everybody!

During the whole month of November I won’t be able to be as active as I wanted to.

The HQ release of Nanoha BetrayerS will have to wait until December, the good news is that I have the physical copy of the Doujinshi sitting right here in front of me.

The future plans are:

1) Work on Nanoha BetrayerS

2) Work on North Aria (a Korean Manwha)

3) Help with Hayate X Blade

I am thinking about Ushio to Tora ver hard but I am not sure at all if I should pick it up or not.

Anyways, the plans may change if I manage to finish writing my two research papers before the end of November but I doubt I’ll be able to, after all they are graduate level papers =\

Plus, my duties at work will keep me very busy as it is end of semester almost.

Hopefully I won’t have to fail anybody in my classes.

Anyways, please be patient and I shall be back!



The first 4koma I ever translated 🙂



2 responses

6 11 2008

Sad to hear you won’t be as active, but life is life and that takes precedence over net! 😮

I wanted to know if you’d object I do a few spotlight posts on the stuff you’ve translated via my blog? I rather liked your translation of Betrayers.

Also, if you were interested, I have weekly livefeeds, and I was wondering if you’d consider an interivew live?

11 12 2008

Attempting to hijack the wordpress. Catridge Load!

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