Last post for today~ 2 4komas of KiddyEgloos~

26 12 2008

First of all an image of my favourite support character of Nanoha.


Now the most important thing the 4komas and a little explanation of who the artist is.

Kiddy Egloos is a Korean blogger and I ran into his blog once upon a time while I was searching for Nanoha images. I was surprised to see 4komas by a Korean artist about Nanoha. Not like I haven’t seen 4komas by Korean artists but this was the first time to run into some about Nanoha’s universe!

Now, a quick explanation, these 4komas must be read from LEFT TO RIGHT.





One response

11 01 2009

Nice drawings from the artist. Almost makes me want to try my hand, however I’m too lazy, so I just make 4komas out of photographs of Nanoha figures ^_^;;

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