Nanoha BetrayerS High Quality release

26 12 2008

Hello everybody!

I came back from my little mini vacation on the 21 and was super tired due to all the driving I had to do until the 23, yes it is true, my ‘driver’ stamina is pretty low. I wish I had a driver or a robot who could do the same thing… but neither of them seem real, no? T_T

Now for the good news…

Here is where you can download the doujinshi

The biggest difference between my previous release and this one is not only the quality. I tried to translate the last two pages of the Doujinshi that contained as much text as the whole doujin xD

I swear, I am never translating something that long in one sitting.

Anyways, hope you enjoy it and please leave any comments about it~

PS2: Please don’t share the password in other places such as forums or so, or steal my direct link to the file. If you do so and I find out, I’ll be forced to take the file down, thanks.




13 responses

4 01 2009

Wow, this is an awesome piece of doujin, it is even everything I wished StrikerS was… Believable use of power, politics feeling a bit more real, some real sense of tragedy pervading it all, and Nanoha & co being more than moe blobs with limiters, even their style is better than the original.

I stumbled on it recently, and I have to thank you for translating it and making it available, you rock.

I love Nanoha, but I love it better when 19+ year old don’t have the mentality of a 10 year old 🙂

10 01 2009

best doujin ever! villain nanoha is so cool! thanks for your work

18 01 2009

I’ve been looking forward to the HQ version. Hands down, one of the coolest doujins I’ve read. I loved seeing the characters in a new light yet not straying so far away from their core personalities that it seemed unbelievable.

Definitely great stuff!

Kudos for this!

23 02 2009

Loved the story and style! I’ve been thinking since watching StrikerS “What if Nanoha is the last boss?”… and here it is!

21 03 2009

Oh man, got any news of the sequel – the next comiket maybe? Is this just something that was released or was it C74/C75?

Even if it’s raw, got the next volume – or do you think it’s meant to stay standalone?

I agree with the previous commenters, this is what I really wanted to see from StrikerS.

21 03 2009

As far as I am concerned.
Himura Kiseki is currenlty working in a continuation of Sword Dancers 2 but there is no information about a continuation of BetrayerS right now.

And it was released in C74

27 05 2009

btw i wanna say thanks for translating this
im linking yer blog with mine if u dont mind ?

25 09 2009
doujin review – Nanoha Betrayers « Reality Blender

[…] hope you enjoyed this clip show. If you want the translated doujin. It’s available over here. And lets pray doujinshi creators will look over this work and take […]

11 11 2009

Anyone know where I can find a torrent or a resume support site for this? Because my slow connection speed I can’t complete the download.

13 10 2010

Thank you so much. I love you

26 02 2011

Thank you.

27 05 2011

Thank you so much for translating it!!!

29 05 2012
MousE0910 (@PC_MousE0910)

I know it’s been a huge amount of time since you posted this but could you please re-upload the file? I want to read this so much! Thanks!

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