Happy New Year~!

31 12 2008


Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart to everybody who has visited this blog and helped me in giving me motivation to keep on going. I didn’t make a post for Christmas because it isn’t a special day for me, hope nobody thinks I am centered only in myself with this last comment.

I am making this post early because I will be busy throughout the day helping with preparations for the New Year celebration, I celebrate with my family in the most traditional way possible. This year we are trying to prepare a little bit more of a luxurious offering for our ancestors.

Now, I would like to make an announcent…

I was reading the afterword on 3×3 eyes, and ran into a part where the author talks about 15 years. 15 years to complete 3×3 eyes. I grew up reading 3×3, it was my first contact with Manga. For me it has been over 15 years reading it.

After reading this afterword, I suddenly felt a zing and have lost a lot of the spirit I had when I first started to work on 4komas translations.

The above said, I will finish working on what I have right now but after that I will close shop and be in an indifinite hyatus. Hopefully the ‘spirit’ will be back~

Anyways, Happy New year everybody!!



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