Bell Princess Chapter 01

10 01 2009

Hello everybody!
Yes, this is one of the projects I was keeping hidden inside my closet.

The translation notes and DDL link are inside this post!image450

Here is where the translation notes should go but it is currently around 3AM here. LoL, yes, another late night due to me being engrossed in translating *sighs*

Anyways, first I’ll release the chapter and the notes will come tomorrow evening… wait.. I think it is today’s evening. What the heck.. just take the chapter! ENJOY!

Password for this download is Makina

Finally! The translation notes!

Hwangmunguk [황문국]: I would be able to tell you what exactly it means if I had the Hanja of the first character. In my opinion, it means Yellow/Golden[황] Class/Race [문] Country [국].

Heukmunguk [흑문국]: Once again the same trouble as before. It means, in my opinion, Black [흑] Class/Race [문] Country [국].

Agassi [아가씨]: By the dictionary it means= a young lady, a missy, miss, mademoiselle. In this case it was kept romanized because, in this era, to be called an agassi you have to be of a certain standing/importance. And by being called agassi, you can (though it was already painfully obvious) tell that the woman is a young and respectable lady.

Chôn [錢]: This article Wikipedia explains it a lot better than I could ever do.

Nuna [누나]: Title that a younger male has to use when adressing an older female, usually used in family settings but not only limited to it.

Hyeong [형]: Title that a younger male has to use when adressing an older male, usually used in family settings but not only limited to it.

(Something)-nim [-님]: A title, as you may or may not know, titles such as Mr. or Mrs. are attached at the end of a word. This one, accodring to the dictionary, means= Mr., esquire, Messrs., Mrs., Mme.

Hwarim Pavilion [화림관]: Once again, I would love if I had the Hanja for it but, oh well, I’ll do what I can do with what I have. It can mean, Fire [화] Forest or Jade or To Nominate (wasn’t sure which Hanja would fit better) [림] Pavilion [관]


I made a mistake on the baby’s name. It is ought to be “Geumryeong” not “Geumnyeong”. I guess that I was so tired I didn’t notice at all.

Mukyeol [무결]: If analyzed as one word, it means integrity. But we can always divide the two characters and analyze their Hanja meaning. Mu [무], I assumed it stands for nothingness [無]. Kyeol [결] could stand for a couple of different meanings, to meet or to tie [漢], full or perfect jade [佩玉], there are other ways to read this too but I thought this two were the two most fitting. What do they mean together? That is up to you to interpret or imagine, I am here to just give explanations.

Geumryeong [금령]: As one word, it means prohibition. But, as I did before, I love to mutilate these things and try my best to look for hidden meanings. Geum [금], because she looks blonde and all, I assumed it stands for Gold [金], though the Hanja itself only stands for metal that has a yellowish colour, I am assuming it is Gold. Ryeong [령], once again, this is all based on my opinion, means, Dragon [龗], Feather [翎], or Ash [嶺]. Once more, though there are other Hanjas with this reading, I thought that these three would be the more appropiate ones.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it~




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10 06 2010

Hello, Im Stephanie and Im interested in translates this proyect to Sphanish. So, I need your permission to do it. I’ll be waiting for your answer.

10 06 2010

Hola, contactate conmigo a ararara-ra [at] hotmail [punto] com

Si llegamos a un acuerdo, hasta te doy los raws del volumen 2 (los hice scan yo).

Bueno, espero tu respuesta.


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