My decision about Korean Manhwa

12 01 2009

As usual, a cute image… but be careful, it is a “trap”

2007-06-25-60590Now to the main issue…

First of all a link to explain what Manhwa is WikiPedia

Last night while I was getting ready to go to bed, I opened NoW volume 25 and starting reading again for the 9999999th time (of course, I am exagerating) and it came to mind that I should invest a little more time in my original culture.

One of the main reasons I kept up with my Manga/Doujinshi translations is not to let my Japanese skills rust but as how my life is heading right now, they will rust one way or the other. So, what should I do?

I am almost halfway through NoW volume 25 by this point.

It was a little bit easy, in my case compared to other people I know, to learn Japanese because I am originally Korean but, like everybody else, once I stop doing it I would most likely lose it. I continued to spin questions and answers in my head.

Now, I am done reading the whole volume.

I arrived to a conclusion, but before I tell you about it, let me write a little bit about what drove me into this particular decission. In the last week I peeked into MangaUpdates to see where I could get 흑신[HeukShin] at because the Korean raws I have are horrible and hard to read. I was dumbfounded to find out it was listed as Manga and not Manhwa. Anyways, the conclusion, simple and direct, is that I will concentrate all the little free time I to Manhwa.

As I put back NoW volume 25 back into my bookshelf, between NoW 24 and Zero 01, I realize that more than losing my Japanese skills I am more afraid of losing my Korean skills.

I am in the process of getting Bell Princess volume 02, so the volume 2 releases will be a LOT better quality than the volume 01. If anybody has any raws of Manhwa that you want to see translated, please let me know, I will not charge you money for it but I want the right to be able to release in my blog at my own pace.

Thank you for reading such a long rant and hope that you keep visiting this blog 🙂



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13 01 2009

I can’t say I know what NoW is so I can’t comment much *bricked* 8D But I’m glad to hear that Bell Princess will still be going strong (and that the series isn’t actually on hiatus in Korea XD) There needs to be more manhwa scanlations in this world ;~;!!

Thanks for everything and keep up the great work!

13 01 2009

Hi thanks for translating Bel Princess. ^_^

I was wondering do you think Insomnia is any good?
Well I got the files for both volume by kiligaris. She/he did not scan it but upload it.

[Thanks but got the links already ^_^]

If they don’t work there is 1 backup link.
I would also suggest Ciel by Rhim Ju-Yeon, because Korean-Manhwa stop due to license by Tokyopop. But thats only in Germany, so I don’t know if they’ll pick that up again. They stopped at volume 3.

If you want to also do this theres volume 4-5 avalible online by kiligaris also.

[Same reason, already got the links from a while ago]

Again uploaded by kiligaris. All this uploader request is don’t distribute links, so you may use to translate/scan.
I hope that helps and thanks for reading and if you consider to do them ^_^

EDIT by Ararara-ra: Got to respect her wishes and not distribute the links, no? ^_^

15 01 2009

hello! 😀
first of all, thank you scanlating bell princess!

concerning ciel i own volumes 1-6 in german, so if you have korean raws for translation, i could scan for you.

and now it might get a little complicated.
my wish would be platina by kim yeon-joo, from volume 7 on. as that is where the french publisher stopped (due to bankruptcy or so). i have volumes 1-3 in korean (which i don’t understand) and 1-6 in french (which i understand), but for volume 7 onwards i don’t have anything and don’t know where to get it. so now raws. 😦

(just for information, rc-scans has released the first chapter and noir will do 2 und 3 some day, according to their website. but it will be probably ages until they reach volume 7 … and it should actually be licensed in the us, but after volume 1 in 2005 nothing else was published)

so if you feel like finding and translating platina, i’d be eternally thankful! *_* (though i already doubt it |3)
nabi by the same author would great, too, but again no raws … ;_;

anyway, thanks a lot for the work you already do! keep it up. ^^

15 01 2009

lol yeah have to respect wishes
=3 my bad.. hehe
thanks for replying

15 01 2009

Please, please, keep the suggestion limited to unlicensed stuff.

Getting in the bad side of big companies is never good for my health :p

31 01 2009

that’s great, ararararararararararara!

I’ll add this blog as manhwa-related site on my manhwa blog dokebiclub.

Provide us with manhwa’s that I can write reviews about.

1 02 2009

Hello there ^^…
First of all thank you for all your work ^^..
i have been waiting for a while to read Bell Princess but no was scanning it :(…
anyways thank you for bringing us Bell Princess ^^ i am grateful to you ^^…
now on to business…
My name is-Arti..
i am here to ask you for a joint project or at least request a translation on ^^..
Faries landing
its Popular romantic comedy manhwa and one of my most favorite(i am sure many people feels the same way)..
but the Scanning team which was working on it dropped it about year and half ago.and i waited with many others though nobody took it up but recently i got my hands on the RAW of vol 18 & 19 right were they dropped of
which i want to pick it up but i can’t find any korean translators >.<
thats why i want your help(or association) ^^… if your willing of course ^^..
and if your busy or not willing then ignore this or delete this ^^..
Thank you for your time -Arti..

3 08 2009

hello, first time here end I was wandering I need “viva love you” to b translated ’cause it is in korean and i don’t know korean but it is a language i wanna learn. So if you can reply quickly i’ll b really happy ^v^.

Thanks for listening(reading) me -Eve

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