Bell Princess Chapter 03

14 01 2009

I can’t believe it, another chapter? It must be because… because… because, what?

Anyways, cute picture time!

shikabaneAnd, of course, the rest is inside

Anyways, first of all, an important announcement.

I have ran into the very annoying fact that some of my links are being used without my permission. So, as a measure to try to prevent that, I will be putting a password on the download links.

Chapter 03 is here

The password to the download is Shikabane

Please remember that it is case sensitive!

Translation Notes Below

Firs of all…

Uhroushin (어르신) = A polite way to direct yourself to an old person, most of the cases a male.

Ungyu (운규) = The name of this minor character who dies in less than one chapter, what is the point of giving him a name anyway? Un (운) could be Luck (運) unless there is some other Hanja that is read that way, I can’t think of other at the moment. Gyu (규) can stand for two Hanjas, to cry/shout/yell (叫) or to twist/entwist/throw (糾). To give a name to such a character, there must be a reason, no? This one is pretty easy to figure out, no? ^_^v

Hope you enjoyed the notes 😀



2 responses

15 01 2009

yay! this makes my day after taking exam
thank you for your wonderful effort.
>D first commentor!!

15 01 2009

Because you are awesome, perhaps~? *bricked* Thanks for your great work <3!!

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