Bell Princess Chapter 04

15 01 2009

Hello everybody, is it me or am in a hurry to release?

Well, I am trying to finish up Volume 01 before my class schedules begins because once they do, oh my oh my, I’ll be very too super busy.



Kyah~ Nagi-chama!

Anyways, as I mentioned before hand, I will be putting a password on all the download links due some people spreading them around.

Chapter 04 is here!

The password for today’s link is Miyu

Remember that is it case sensitive!

I don’t think there is any translation notes in this one! Yay! Less work for me :p


PD: Remember how I said I would accept Manhwa suggestions? I am still up for the offer BUT please remember to send me suggestions that aren’t licensed! I will not work on anything that has been licensed so please, please, don’t send me suggestions of licensed manhwa!



3 responses

15 01 2009

thanks so much!!! XD
keep up the awesome work~

I’d like to suggest ‘Lingerie’ by SUH Yoon Young and 메이플 스트리트의 이상한 가게 by 윤이현… they both look promising… thank you~

oh! and also these ones, ‘동인백서’ by 장소영 and 처녀는달린다 (Virgins on a Roll) by 심수정 (Sim Soo-Jung)… i read some comments and they’re saying it’s funny and interesting… thanks~ heart u~ XD

15 01 2009

Good news is, I found two of the ones you suggested.
I will read them and let you know through e-mail about their future as a project ^_^

16 01 2009

You should change that ancient avvie 😛
and I hate NoW btw. I somehow know the series will or maybe(for sure) it’s already great, but when i can guess that, i also can guess the plotline 😛

Now, where’s my chapter 5 of Bel? 😛


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