Bell Princess Chapter 05 and 06 [End of volume 01]

18 01 2009

Phew, at last I am done with volume 01.

Now, before continuing, the cute moment of the day.


Miiiiii~~~~ I WANT TO TAKE HER HOME! Hah! Beat you to the punchline Rena-chan!

I would first like to thank everybody who has visited my blog so far and has given me encouragement to continue working on Bell Princess.

And then I would like to apologize in advance as my following releases won’t be made as fast as the ones I have done so far. I need to worry a little bit more about my real life.

Though many have suggested me to join a Manhwa group so my work load is lessened and I can continue working on Mahwa without it bothering my real life at all, I will not do so because I can’t work well in group. But, perhaps, I may consider having somebody help me clean the raws… but.. anyway, that is for the future.

Here is the last part of volume 01

And the password for the link is Blackjack

Translation notes here (Coming soon…)



5 responses

18 01 2009

Wheee thank you <33 And you should definitely continue just working at your own pace, we’re already grateful that you are scanlating the series~

18 01 2009

omg that was surprising fast, though i always keep in mind it won’t always be like this
great job on both chapters

18 01 2009

Oh wow great job and thanks so much for the releases.
I just finished reading all in one lot and loved it
Could I please host your releases on my site

18 01 2009

Only and only if:
1) You don’t charge your members for downloads
2) Host the files yourself in your own server, I don’t like sharing my links.
3) Lastly, credit me 🙂

18 01 2009

For definite
Thanks so much

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