Bell Princess Volume 2 finally scanned!

23 01 2009

O… M… G… it took longer than I had ever expected.

2008-12-22-131964Anyways, a little something about my real life…

Currently I am pursuing a graduate level degree and, while I am at it, trying to get another undergraduate degree. Plus, due to the economic situation of the whole world, I am in a little bit of a pinch too. I pray that I can make it through this little slump in life and go beyond anything I dreamed I would be able to do in my life.

Anyway, the reasons listed above are why I haven’t released anything as speedely as I have up to now.

Now now, don’t think this means I will put a big DONATE NOW button somewhere in this blog because I won’t. Fanscanlating is my hobby and it will remain so until I can no longer support it. The enjoyment of my readers is the only fuel I need to keep on moving forward ^_^v

I just felt like I had to give a simple and direct explanantion of what is going on on this side so nobody thinks I have given up on any of my projects.

Thank you very much for reading this rant and thank you very much to all those who have been following my works.


The one person fanscanlating group (huh?)




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31 01 2009

let me help you scanlate!

dokebiclub af z male bot con (the goggle one)

31 01 2009

Are the pictures here from Bell Princess?

1 02 2009

This is a bit late, but hurrah for scanned volume 2~ And take your time with your scanlations — we don’t want it to start feeling like a chore to you XD I edit for a few groups (one being J-sis, which I think you are a part of too? XD) so I sorta know how it is~

1 02 2009


It isn’t from Bell Princess but from Nanoha 😀
Oh, and I suck working in a team thus the reason I haven’t joined anybody nor recruited anybody ~_~


Woh woh woh, a fellow J-sis member 🙂 Though I am more of a spontaneous member. I appear and disappear. ^_^v

Oh, and to make this clear, though I am sure I said this somewhere before, I help J-sis because a real life friend of mine is a member of it not because I joined. ^_^

26 02 2009

really really thanks for your work,, in my country manhwa is quite rare, so i really looking forward for your scan ^^

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