Bell Princess Volume 2 Chapter 1

22 02 2009

Woh woh woh, it has been a long while everybody!


Now, I please ask for some of your attention

As I have informed everybody before, I have decided to undertake a lot of things in real life and, because of that, am releasing Mahwa in a slower pace. To make it worse, the weekend I had planned to work on some Bell Princess I wound up in bed with the flu, which took a while to leave me alone as I was not giving my body the rest it needed.

Anyways, you all know, money makes the world go around plus feeds us. The moment I stop working, I will starve to death xD

Now that all I wanted to say is said, here is where you can download Bell Princess and, as usual, it is protected with a password. This time’s password is Gamon.

Enjoy everybody and don’t forget to leave any comments you have here!





10 responses

22 02 2009

ah flu season is almost over.. thank god.
>>;; same here i got attacked by the flu about or at least 3 times already
jeez tx weather is unpredictable.
I wish i could help donate but then again a pre-teen can do so much. sorry
nice work on chapter 7

22 02 2009

Aw~ Thanks ^_^v
I don’t think I’ll ever take donations though, a hobby should remain a hobby non-profitable 😀

22 02 2009

Hurrah for the new chapter \o/ ~ Thanks for your work and take care of yourself! Don’t let the flu get back around :E

22 02 2009

Oh, btw, I saw over at Esthetique’s page the other day that they have listed Bel Princess as a future/upcoming project. I hope they do know that you are already doing the scanlations?

26 02 2009

thank you,, and take care ^^

2 03 2009

hey, wasn’t sure where to comment about the cleaning thing. i would love to help but i’m pretty busy and all. xD and it depends on how hard the RAWS are since i’m still a noob. LOL. but maybe occasional help if you want

so my only advice is the images should be desaturated. =) it looks much better like that. but apart from that, it’s pretty good.

keep up the excellent work with bell princess! I adore the art (*goes off to colour the scans LOL*) and it’s such a beautiful story. ❤

2 03 2009

Ah, thank you for your kind words.
The thing I need most help in is in joining two pages to make one long image. I just can’t seem to be able to get it right.

If you would like to try to see if you can do it or not, please send me an e-mail to ararara-ra [at] hotmail [dot] c o m

I’ll take your advice on the desaturation ^_^

6 03 2009

nice pic. did you draw that?

what apps do you use?

i know InkScape & GIMP & Pixia.

6 03 2009

Alas! If I had that much skill I would have made an art blog.
I can hardly hold a pencil without my hands shaking, maybe… too much martial arts? xD

I usually use Photoshop and, in case of emergency when nothing else is working, CorelDraw.

10 03 2009

You’ve got mail. ^_^

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