Thank you very much! 15000 hits U_U

4 03 2009

To tell the truth, when I decided to move to WordPress from Liverjournal, I didn’t expect this to happen.

I was doing it as a hobby and am still doing this as a hobby still.


The story thus far… (if you are interested read it inside)

Originally, I was only doing 4komas (thus the reason it is called Ararara-ra’s 4koma Corner) but I started to help a friend in J-sis with translations and got hooked with working on things with a longer plot than 4komas.

Truth to be said, Ararara-ra is not the first online handle I used but it is the one that has stuck to me the best. I think that it fits me as well as a sock fits a foot.  My translation hobby began (reader digest version) with translating some parts of anime episodes and proofing translations for anime, then moved into Manga (Rurouni Kenshin, Master Keaton), to later translate a game for a friends (The War of Genesis Part I and II), and to finally end up with Doujinshi/4komas.

Now, I only do Manhwa and I hope that I am able to stay away from my Light Novel translation temptation (*stares at the pile of Spice and Wolf novels he has*) and focus a little more in my real life.

Oh well, I just felt like telling my dear readers a little bit more about myself.

But, most importantly, I would like to thanks everybody who has helped me feel like I am doing something, achieving something. People look at me while frowning and giving me the dissaproving look of “why are you wasting time on that?” but whenever I see the quantity of hits, I am reminded that my translations, though some are horrible to the point of disgust, are achieving something and are not a waste of time.

Once more, thank you very much for giving a purpose to my translation hobby.




3 responses

7 03 2009

An awesome hobby!!! xD I love Bell Princess and can’t thank you enough for scanalating it!! ❤ ❤


31 03 2009

I found your site randomly.
Congrats on 15,000 hits!

Translating and editing, while to some may seem like a waste time, is definitely a very rewarding job, so thanks a lot.

Bell Princess looks great; I’m going to start reading it.

13 04 2009

Keep up the great work. I ❤ 4komas 😛

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