A needed update~

17 04 2009

Hello everybody!

Soon, soon, I will be fully back and working on the rest of my projects.


Right now I am at the last stretch trying my best to finish writing these two research papers for my grad classes. Sacrificing sleep and manhwa time to finish this sooner so I can get back into my hobby quicker. Though, sadly, due to my economic situation I may need to invest some more time in getting a couple of certifications (work related) for improving my cash in-flow so I won’t be as fast as to release a full volume per week (which is my top speed).

Anyway, I just felt like I had to let everybody know that it isn’t over yet! Ararara-ra will fight to the bitter end to be able to continue the fanscanlating hobby!!

And now, for your eye enjoyement….





And for last… a cosplayer, this time from Korea!!


Because we all LOVE Mahoro. Who wouldn’t love a battle android maid? (Though she does forbid Ecchi things T_T)




2 responses

30 04 2009

tnx for the update~!

30 08 2010

I Googled Mahoro cosplay and stumbled across your site. 🙂
I’m more than a year late for a comment but….


That is the BEST Mahoro cosplay I have seen. So far. 🙂

Absolutely beautiful! ( Now if only she had green contacts in… So close! >_< )

Thank you for bringing this to Google Images. ^_^

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