Code Geachu #3 (Wohoo~ keeping up a good rhythm!)

12 01 2010

Believe or not, I have kept my rhythm of doing 1 4koma per day. THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!

Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out from the west, who knows? Anyway, I am about to pass so I’ll make this short and quick.

My current mood:

Please somebody make the days longer, wait, I retract that, MAKE THE NIGHTS LONGER!!

People who say that sleep is overrated and stay up until late and wake up super early need to have their heads checked, sleeping is such an awesome activity. Wish there were some Bed Olympics… there would be a ton of interesting events in those olympics.

Remember to click on the image to see it bigger!



One response

13 09 2010

i have been read your old work, code geass4koma(seson 1), and it is the most funniest thing i ever see, i hope you can finish this soon, Good luck

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