Random post to help against DoS attack.

6 05 2010

How to save an Internet community
Hello BakaBT community and people of the Internet,

We need your help! Please spread this message everywhere on the Internet.
If you have a blog, twitter or myspace or know someone with a blog, twitter or myspace copy this message verbatim!

I am writing this message right now as my community website is unreachable due to a continued DoS attack.
A DoS attack is a Denial-of-Service attack that drowns all normal traffic going to the server by sending a tremendous amount of (fake) traffic.
It is the bane of any website owner as there is very little you can do against it, other than hope the attack will stop or invest in special expensive DoS protection hardware.

The demand of the attacker is that we remove information we posted about his person a while ago on our blog after he did an earlier (simpler) attack.
We managed to dig up all sorts of interesting information thanks to another site (www.0xyg3n.com) which had also been attacked by the same ‘hacker’.

Our site has been down for 24 hours, after which the ‘hacker’ promised to stop the attack and give us 1 week to remove the message.
The attack never stopped, normal traffic was able to siphon through so the server seemed reachable. But this means he obviously can not, or will not, negotiate with us.

We have thought a while about what to do, and we have reached some conclusions:
Apparently there is something valuable in the message that we posted as the ‘hacker’ is spending a fair dime attacking our server (DoS attacks ‘sell’ for about $60 for 24 hours).
There is nothing that we can do to make him stop this attack. Yes, we could give in to his demand, but why would he stop the attack then? He sure isn’t stopping now. And then what is next? last time he asked for my resignation.

So, we have decided to fight fire with fire. Fight a distributed attack with distribution, and for this we need your help!
If you have a blog, twitter or myspace, or know someone with a blog, twitter or myspace, copy this message verbatim!
If this message is copied many times to many different sites all across the Internet no one will be able to erase it from the Internet.
What happens to our website and 6 year old community? I don’t know. It would be a shame to loose it over something so trivial.

Below is a summary of the information we found about him (please copy this as well as that is the whole idea of this message!):

I also have his home IP from the comments […] Anyway since then I have noticed I’ve been getting hits for people doing a search for his site 0xyG3N.info (which I’ll point out has been offline for some time) I would also just like to say that his site has nothing to do with me everything I do online is only via 0xyg3n.com […] He also uses the username roffamaffia which I suggested he should go back to using. He also uses kyuubinyuu@hotmail.com as an alternate email to the msn one.

I also know his name which is mesut baysan he’s 15 and lives in Dongen Noord-Brabant Netherland oppps. I also have a home address but I’m not going to post that up as I’m not sure if its totally correct or not. I also have some other details that I’ll save for a later post if needed.

Our blog: http://blog.bakabt.com/2009/08/23/kdos/ (use Google cache if the domain is unreachable)
Our backup blog: http://baka.applehomicide.com/2009/08/23/kdos/
0xyg3n’s blog (not the hacker): http://www.0xyg3n.com/?p=555 about his encounter

E-mail / Live (hacker’s):
– us3n3xt@live.nl (old)
– amaterasu_@live.jp (latest known)

Known nicknames (hacker’s):
– 0xyG3N (note the capital G and N)
– Roffamaffia

– Sasuke-


Facebook (hacker’s):


Help us save our community and give power back to the webmasters!



One response

11 07 2011
So this guy...

whose now 15 – 16 years old spent that much money because he was butthurt over one group and specifically one person? How pathetic can one person be? To spend that much money on what is such a wasted issue means he’s got a mental disorder for sure. More so if he allowed himself to be outed this easily. Well hopefully his parents can bar him from the internet since he’s a danger to himself and others (and by danger I mean stupidity). Honestly, what an idiot.

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