3×3 Eyes Ch 403

19 07 2010

First of all, an illustration to show my current mood…

As some of you may know, scanlation is my hobby and, contrary to some people’s belief, it helps me relax.

This random chapter doesn’t mean that I will be working on it 100%, I just happened to abuse of this chapter to get rid of my stress.

There is no DDL here as I am no longer paying for my BOX. net account so it has upload limits and such… meh! you get the idea.

Sorry to everybody who was expecting another Bell Princess, I am saving it for the time I REALLY have FREE TIME. So I can do a good job with it not a sloppy around an hour job + translation.

See you around,


PS: As I have been flooded with question. The Evil Empire has the file for Ch 403. Pay them a visit ^^



2 responses

20 07 2010

Since it’s my first time coming to your site, and I don’t know my way around, et me ask a little question: where can I dl this release (and all your other)?

20 07 2010

Hello, most of them are inside each post with its corresponding password to download it.

Except 3×3 eyes. I am currently holding back on releasing it anywhere else but The Evil Empire.

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