Sola chapter 6 (End of volume 1)

16 11 2011

Hello little boys, girls, not so little ones, and everybody non-human who may read this.

Yes, as the title says, it is done.

Get it here [CLICK]

Also, chapter 1-5 (not done by me) [CLICK]

Will continue working all the way to the end of volume 2, will do it slow and at my own rythm.

Please do not push me to work harder, I… just don’t operate well with people breathing down my neck.

Enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed working on it~!




6 responses

16 11 2011

Yo! Thanks for taking up this series. It’s been years.

16 11 2011

Thanks for picking up Sola! I’ll need to re-read chapter 5 to remember where the story left off. Last chapter was downloaded back on 11/14/2007 … oh, my … four years ago … where has the time gone?

16 11 2011

Thanks. I have been waiting for so long.

16 11 2011

Thanks for picking this up! đŸ™‚

16 11 2011

Welcome back!

I am sad that everyone has dropped Bell Princess. ‘Wonder what’s wrong with it. =D Will you be continuing it (I see that it’s in the current list)?

16 11 2011

I own the second volume of it, as soon as I am done with Sola, I’ll look into it but, sadly, I can’t afford to buy any more of the tanks of Bell Princess and, at least imo, I don’t feel good about asking for donations.

Pray I strike gold soon so I can continue that ^_^

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