Sola Chapter 7

28 11 2011

Hello everybody!

Did you know? If you download this chapter from this blog it helps me on making money!

I get money = I buy more manga = more projects to work on

In simpler terms, Filserve gives a VERY small amount of money for every download anybody does through the links I place here.

Please help out! The amount may be insignificant but it is better than having to shoulder the price of buying raws/tanks by myself.

I was originally planning to do this after the final exam for my degree but things happened.

Sighs, so to vent a little I decided to work on this earlier as this helps me to relieve stress =D


Download link: Click here



2 responses

2 12 2011

Hello, I really like your site and I love Sola, but I am having trouble downloading chapter 7. All I get from Fileserve is a error code 404- page not found, every time( 4 plus) I try to download it. Is there a problem? Thank-You very much for translating Sola!

3 12 2011

I just checked the linked from another PC @ another location and it works.
Maybe a problem on Fileserve? Then, I wouldn’t be able to fix it, sorry U_U

I’ll have in mind an option for an alternate download link from the next release. Thank you.

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