My exam

30 11 2011

Tomorrow, in exactly 12 hours from now, my final exam for my graduate school begins. I hardly ever talk about myself here, but needed to vent out somewhere.

My hands are shaking and it is really difficult to type and I pride myself on having a fast typing speed xD

I hope I pass as, if all goes well, I can begin working on my thesis and, once that one is over too, go back full steam to my main hobby which is fanscanlating. Yes, believe or not, for some people like me going through the trouble of doing all this and releasing out in the wild for free is fun =D

Oh gosh, I should be getting ready to sleep but… but… ugh… lets hope everything goes well tomorrow. If it does, expect some nice announcements about Code Geachu R2 and Tawamurerumono (same artist but the target is Utawarerumono this time). I greatly enjoyed both and was hoping somebody would work them… but… that wasn’t the case so, if all goes well… I AM CELEBRATING!




2 responses

1 12 2011

hope everything goes well 🙂

12 12 2011

Thank you very much~
I passed, passed~

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