Sola is all done!

15 01 2012

So, as the title says, Sola is completely done!

Just in case I haven’t said this yet, this project was undertaken for one reason, a generous person accepted me into their room during AX-2010 and it was for cheap =D

In that room, somebody talked about this manga and said how the company that licensed this had gone under. So, here I am.

Haven’t uploaded any anime to share… been busy downloading xD Got a new 1.5TB HDD and loving it =D

Though my dream is to have a 1PB HDD someday ❤

Anyhow, here is the download link:





8 responses

15 01 2012


Their isn’t enough anime to fill it up with….

15 01 2012

But I can also use it for my secret hidden folder… if you know what I mean ‘;,,;’

15 01 2012

Hi, there’s a 25 pages prologue in vol1 that wasn’t translated by dynasty… can you do it?

15 01 2012

Eh? I thought they had worked on all of it.
Let me confirm and see how I can fit it into my schedule.

23 01 2012

Another innocent victim of the changes to come…Fileserve is apparently dead T_T

Can you re-upload on another file sharing site please?

24 01 2012
The MythMaker

Fileserve isn’t allowing other people to download files anymore. That means we can’t access your scans. Unless you give us your password (not sure I recommend that) or use another file sharing site, we’re stuck.

29 03 2012

you are my hero.

30 07 2012

Please change servers for the files, you could upload to others, preferably Mediafre.

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