I am still alive

11 08 2012

First, a picture…


First of all, I am quite aware that the links are dead but I one of my HDDs died and I am not sure what I have in the others, as a side note, I have 6TBs in total storage in my PC and 4.5 TB in use. A 1.5TB HDD died.
Basically said, I will be re-uploading everything a I get a chance to do so.
Second, I have been really busy, investing time in improving my life and looking for a better job. Also, I am at the last stretch of my grad school. Finally I can see an end to this too.  And who in their right mind decides to start learning statistics when their focus is in literature? It isn’t impossible but I have to put triple the effort I usually put to understand these numbers.
The only good news I have is that there is still new anime to watch and manga to read out there so the world hasn’t ended yet! Oh, wouldn’t know if this is a good new or not, but been writing for fun in between my thesis writing marathons and have managed to do 10 pages of a story I been incubating in my head.

Anyhow, god please god give me the patience and concentration I need to improve my life so I can enjoy fanscanlating again.

See y’all around. If all goes well, next year is AX, next year I am done with grad school, and next year I finally have a career set on stone.





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