I am not giving up!

4 02 2013

Hello everybody!

Is there anybody out there still visiting this blog???

If that is a yes, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


I have not forgotten this desire of fanscalating, believe or not, I enjoy doing this. It is like a bizarre masochist way of torturing myself.. lol

My current schedule is work 8 hours, read until falling asleep or write and then sleep for around 4 or so hours. Basically, I am sacrificing my soul to the gods of my thesis. Yes, I am still stuck doing my graduate thesis.


I had to sacrifice almost two years due to financial issues. Sola was done during that time period I wasn’t really working on my thesis but rather had… umm.. I think 2 to 3 jobs? LoL

Oh well, I am not the prime example of a thesis writing robot.

I’ll be back… there are a few projects in my basket that I myself enjoy and hope everybody else will enjoy when I translate them.