Hello everybody, how is everything going?

After much thinking, I decided to write a little bit about who I really am and why I am doing what I am doing.

I have always had this obsession for cute things to the point that some people accuse me of being a lolicon but in my defense I would like to say that I think that not all loli things are cute (but sadly most of the things I think are cute end up in the loli category >.<).

At first, I was just a collector of 4koma but I wanted to have somebody to be able to laugh with me and somebody to be able to talk about this or that about the 4koma. That one desire led me down the path of translating 4komas and that same hobby made me walk down the path of doujinshis/mangas.

I am happy to see that many other people are laughing at the same things I am laughing, that I have people I can talk to about those funny things and, moreover so, that I have made loads of new friends!

I hope I can continue doing this for a long time and that I will someday be able to release some 4komas of my own. I thank you all, you know who you are, for helping me along this whole way and I hope you enjoy this bumpy ride though I have no idea when it will end.


One response

11 08 2010

Thank you for fanscanlating Bell Princess! I am also a grad student, and can certainly sympathize with the lack of free time you have. Thus, it is much appreciated that you spend some of your precious free time working on translating manhwa. Good luck with your studies, and thanks again for your contributions to the manhwa fandom!

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