Mitsudomoe season 1

28 11 2011

Yup, as I said before, sharing some anime randomly, usually it will follow a release of a chapter.

This time: Mitsudomoe season 1.

Head on to the Anime I am Enjoying Right Now page for more information.

Angel Heart

16 11 2011

Hello~ just in case nobody noticed, there is a new page called “Anime I am enjoying right now”.


This page will contain DDL of animes I am watching while I work on my scanlations. They will be changing so, if you like whatever is in there at the moment, do not wait, GET IT NOW!

I will not be taking upload requests, it is 100% subjective and under my control what I share there =D

This time:

Angel Heart~

A sping off of City Hunter, good nevertheless.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying it =D

Toradora DDL

18 10 2008

Currently I am only interested in one anime because I have yet to find a fun anime in this season.

And because I love to share what I think is good, here is for everybody~ Toradora DDL~


EDIT: The DDLs are at the right handside at the main page.

EDIT2: Didn’t even realized until now, series is licensed so DDL are to be removed~ Sorry~