Code Geachu #3 (Wohoo~ keeping up a good rhythm!)

12 01 2010

Believe or not, I have kept my rhythm of doing 1 4koma per day. THREE DAYS IN A ROW!!

Maybe tomorrow the sun will come out from the west, who knows? Anyway, I am about to pass so I’ll make this short and quick.

My current mood:

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Code Geachu R2 #2

10 01 2010

Yes, you aren’t imagining things!

I am kind of making a revival and sacrificing some sleep time to make this possible. I felt like it was some kind of responsibility as I was the one who did the first Code Geachu ~_~

My current mood:

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Code Geachu R2 (Due to popular request!!) (Number 1 inside!)

9 01 2010

Hello everybody,

As you can guess from the title of this post, I am going to be working on Code Geachu R2 because I feel like it.

If anybody else is working on this, please let me know, you won’t stop me but I will have it in mind, yup, I am evil just like this.

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KiddyEgloos #3 ~ 5

4 01 2009

Wah wah wah, I hope everybody had a gret new year!


Lets all follow through with our new year’s resolutions without backing down!! Or else Nanoha will SLB us!

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Last post for today~ 2 4komas of KiddyEgloos~

26 12 2008

First of all an image of my favourite support character of Nanoha.


Now the most important thing the 4komas and a little explanation of who the artist is.

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Nanokoma: It is always important to check for safety

26 10 2008

I just run into some free time so decided to translate another of the Subaru moments~

As some of you may have noticed, I am not translating them in the order they were published but rather in the order I feel like doing them

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Nanokoma: It is a plan

21 10 2008

As promise yesterday I did a quick work on a 4koma I had from a while ago.

And after battling for a couple of hours with that evil thing called Photoshop, I finally managed to make another animated GIF! My second attempt 😀

Today I got great news through the e-mail, my Hatsune Miku Figma is in the mail and on its way to my home! I can’t wait! ❤ ❤

Anyways, here is my cheap attempt at making a funny animated GIF