Hol-Hold on a second!!

28 02 2009

What happened?!

I swear it tomorrow should be one year since I began doing this but I began last year on February 29th and the problem is… this year has no 29th!! >.>

toradora-moe-gallery-5I don’t really have anything planned for this day anyways.

It was something I was not thinking about at all until somebody, a friend, pointed out the day I first posted something (Feb/29/2008) and I was like… WOOT! I should try to do something like everybody other group who works on these kind of things.

But, ugh, I have no prepared anything nor I have the time to do it right now. In front of me I have around 50+ essays I need to look over. Sigh.

I hope I am not dissapointing anybody by not doing anything and I ask for your understanding. Maybe next year I will be more aware of this and prepare something but, until then, nothing special going on~





2 responses

6 03 2009

well something as dramatic as this isn’t bad either

got a question.

Is ararara specifically Japanese phrase or is it Korean also?

’cause I remember watching some Korean animation (or maybe reading a Korean manhwa comic) & see a character say “ara? ara?”

or was it “aura”

Also, isn’t hwa-ee-ting basically Korean version of Japanese “Fa-ito”? (fighting) Thx.

6 03 2009

Ara is used in Korean too in the same way it is used in Japanese.
Now, mind you, nobody says, normally, as many Aras as my nickname xD

Correct, hwa-ee-ting would be the Korean version of Fa-ito.
But you have to remember, different to Japanese Korean doesn’t have 1 standardized way of romanizing so you have to be aware that hwa-ee-ting isn’t the only way to romanize it.

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